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Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Advertising
Retargeting is mechanism we set up to get back in front of customers  who have engaged with any of you almost anywhere online.

 For example, when a prospect lands on your website and leaves. You then can follow them around the internet and keep showing them other relevant ads. 

For example five minutes later when they are on Facebook, instagram, and Youtube, etc. If the person interacts with your Facebook page, Instagram account etc, we are able to put them into different groups and show them appropriate ads based on what they showed interest in.
Results Driven Digital Advertising
Facebook owns Instagram and advertisements are set up and executed from the same place. 

Facebook has an incredible amount of data on their users which makes it one of the best places, if not the best social platform to find new customers for most businesses. 

We use the Facebook & Instagram platforms to put your solutions in front of people who need and want them.  
We take the time to learn about your ideal prospective customers and create customer avatar worksheets that we then use to make sure we are putting your ads in front of the right people. 
Ad Design 
We will create compelling designs for your ads. We can work with you and your designer or have them created from scratch for you.
Ad Reporting 
One of the best parts about advertising online being able to track many metrics related to the performance of the ads. Cost per click, per lead, per sale, engagement etc. We will report the success so that you're always in the loop.  You won't be left wondering what your ad dollars doing.
Campaign Management  
We do all the heavy lifting for you. We create the ads, put them in action and monitor them daily. 
We will craft compelling copy that sells you, your products, and or your services. Taking the time to understand your voice, objectives and goals will allow us to write effective advertisements for you.
Split Testing
We will test images, ads, landing pages etc to ensure we are getting the best possible combinations working for your business.
#1 Mistake 95% of Business Owners Make in Online Advertising That Costs Them Leads & Sales
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